Technological University (Pakokku) is at the side of the road of Pakokku-Yesagyo and located at the south of Kyaut-Hlay-Kyar village, the north of Pan-Taing Kyon village and the east of Oukkan village in Yesagyo Township, Magway Region ,and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is about 13.679 kilometers from Pakokku Township. It has an area of 100.32 acres.


Technological University (Pakokku) was first established on 27 December 1999 as Technical High School. It was upgraded to Government Technical College on 20 October, 2002. Then, it was upgraded to Technological University on 20 January 2007.

In Technological University (Pakokku), there are four engineering courses such as Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

In order to achieve the quality standard of teaching and learning and research and development, Technological University (Pakokku) is linked with other Technological Universities in Myanmar. Teaching syllabuses for the engineering and academic subjects are made to meet the requirements of the international standard.

TU was opened as G.T.I on 27 December,1999. It was promoted to GTC on 20 October,2002. It was promoted and opened to TU on 20 Junuary,2007.

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