Reactor’s Message


Heartily Welcome to our TU(Pakokku), Technological University (Pakokku). TU(Pakokku) currently offers four undergraduate engineering courses for BE degree and about one thousand and seventy-three students are currently studying at our university.One hundred and sixty-three of administrative, teaching and supportive staffs: professors, associative professors, lecturers and other staffs,as well as the technical and administrative personnel are serving their duties in the campus. It is located at the side of the road of Pakokku-Yesagyo and it has an area of 100.32 areas.

To cultivate human resources relating to developed science and Technology for country.To support regional development and the vocational opportunities of the youths by promoting the rights to learn science and technology in region.To produce efficient persons who can invent and innovate in science and Technology.To support the production by carrying out research developments in the roles such as farming and industry, Information and Technology,and regenerative energy for national economic and social development. Study for Civil Engineering,Electronic Engineering,Electrical Power Engineering,Mechanical Engineering.

In order to fulfill our vision, we try our best to accomplish our mission. Our mission is “to deliver the qualified and international standardized engineering subjects by implementing the prescribed rules and regulations of national and higher education and to raise up the educational field by performing new insight into teaching and learning methods. So, we’d like to invite cordially all the valuable old and new, local and foreign stakeholders to our university.



iso 9001:2015 Certification Successfully Completed

TU(PKU) is a university which got ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Quality Management System (QMS) in 28th May 2019. Now, our university is running in accordance with this QMS.Our motto is “Power of new Technological University from locally to internationally and to produce qualified engineer based on research and innovations”